Anabolic Steroids are complex units of synthetic testosterone that vary, each with their own unique stamp of effects. "Powerful Anabolics" are legal versions of these very potent muscle building substances and are readily available to the US market. Powerful Anabolics come from all over the World via the internet. You must be very careful with deciding on which one to take. The Powerful Anabolics listed on this website have all been user tested and are believed to be very effective. If you have any suggestions on a product to add, or if you have feedback on any of the products listed, please contact us!

AMPAGEN by CHEM33: Explosive Fat Burning, !AMPAGEN- The most powerful fat burner ever created.
Possibly the most powerful and explosive fat burner of all time…
The Most Amazing New Fat Burning, Muscle Strengthening, Mind Blowing, Power Producing, Monster Making, Thermogenic “Miracale Pill” Ever Created! Find out how to get shredded beyond belief... and still retain plenty of nitrogen for rock hard muscularity and size... so keep reading! .. Read More!

TestoXterone by Red X LabsTestoXterone: MASSIVE MUSCLE GROWTH... Very strong endurance and mass building supplement for elite athletes.
The Two Most Powerful “Naturally-Occurring" Anabolics...
Now You Will “Trigger” Massive Amounts Of Muscle Producing Testosterone While You Saturate Your Cells With Muscle Activating Oxygen!
... Read More!

MAXED by Red X labsMAXED is a great alternative to IMPACT Nutrition's Maxteron: Harder, stronger muscles.
MAXED... For A Harder, Stronger Physique!

More Quickness, More Density, And Much More Strength... that's what the revolutionary new MAXED from Red X Labs was specifically designed for. There have been few other products like this one. This extreme hardening agent is destined to create thousands of chiseled, powerful physiques!! .... Read More!

Dynabolan from Russia Labs!
» Extreme Mass From Russia
Here's an interesting truth about the history of anabolic steroids. A 'truth' few American bio-chemists are willing to admit and that is' Russian scientists and steroid Bio-chemists are kicking their asses when it comes to new anabolic inventions ... Read More!

HEMOJET by CHEM33HemoJET:  Nitric Oxide at its best.
The New Generation Of Nitric Oxide Supplementation...
It’s So Powerful... It Doesn’t Even Need Testosterone To Trigger Massive New Muscle Growth… It Uses Something Even Better!
... Read More!

Permadrol: Testosterone Support SystemPermadrol: Legal Steroid Alternative from Wesley-Adams
New Anabolic Muscle Builder Revealed !
Use of Permadrol can result in a massive increase in testosterone within the first 3 doses; sooner in some cases. Clinical research has shown testosterone increases of over 440%. Raising testosterone can result in explosive lean muscle growth, a higher metabolism, higher motivation to workout, better stamina and an elevated sex drive... Read More!

Powerful Steroid Alternative from CHEM33
OrlaTEST contains a naturally derrived precursor to the chemical found in Oral Turinibol (OT). OT is very similar to Dianabol (D-BOL) in action; it is a very powerful but slow acting anabolic steroid; great for developing enormous strength and muscle mass. .. Read More!



Beginner Stack
(4-Week Beginner Cycle)
Advanced Stack
(4-Week Advanced Cycle)
"I Can't Believe How Big I Got In Just 8 Weeks Stack"
(8-Week Advanced Cycle)

Red X Elite Stack
(8-Week Anabolic Mass Cycle)
Custom Cutting Stack
(4-Week Fat Loss Cycle)
Freak Of Nature Stack
(4-Week Freaky Cycle)




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